How to reveal the hidden story?


How to reveal the hidden story

Liu Wanyong: How to find the final piece of the news puzzle in the new media era?

Reporters:邓然  游淑华

   Photographer: 卢雨琪


On March 26, director Liu Wanyong of In-depth Investigation Department in China Youth News had his third visit to Xiamen University at the request and the invitation of Professor Tang. Liu started with the topic How to find the final piece of the news puzzle in the new media era?telling students how to tell good stories as a skilled reporter. Students from each grade and professional huddled together in 206,Nanguang 2, and the scene is really warm.

Liu talked about the future of print media at the opening.  The contemporary meaning of print media is a little different from the traditional one. In addition to the newspaper, print media will also explore other route of transmission, such as a short video. Then, Liu played a video about revealing the industrial chain of counterfeit shoes in Anfu city of e-commerce in Putian, made by China Youth on-line, which made students know the development direction of the print visually.


News coverage is a building and interviewing is the foundation. Deeper and fuller interviewing makes you feel easier to write.” Liu said. As media practitioners, effective interview is a first step for us to tell good stories. But journalists usually need to make comprehensive analysis and judgment before interviewing. He reminded that the students should try to make judgments, determine the direction of interview, find way to prove or disprove information, and then make the attempt according to the possibilities Besides, Liu gave some advice on how to interview.

Firstly, make preparations before interviewing. Liu shared one of his experiences that he forgot to carry notebook and pen when going to interview with the China Youth Development Foundation, which attracted the students into peals of laughter. He said the preparation before interview just like a first aid kit filled with everything needed for interviewing, including knowledge about interviewees, the order of your interview, transport, accommodation and other essential items.


Secondly, journalists who do the interview should understand human feelings. Liu took example of the report of Yuan Lihai on ”people magazine, find out the mistakes of report through the bouncing car and taxi. Liu stressed that the usual class of knowledge and experience, like the two of the locomotive drive wheels. And the other two wheels are humanity and sophisticate. A box of cigarettes, one or two pounds of fruit, are likely to make the interview open their heart.


Finally, Liu talked that the interview needs to use brains. How to deal with the interviewees is a competitive intelligence game. Journalists should try every mean to use the words of the parties to prove their own access to the truth. Liu quoted “To restore the process of Zhang Shuguang selecting academician as an example to find the interview process, where he used the way of asking questions to increase the communication of students. Also, he added adverse conditions to the original example to let students answer how to do, with this method to guide students to open their minds. Finally, he used the humorous tone to answer the correct practice, which won the students bursts of applause.

It is very important in every aspect to produce a masterpiece such as choosing a topic, getting the news sources, judging the accuracy and preparing the interview. Apart from these fundamental parts, a journalist should have a good command of how to get along well with the strangers to get their trust. The journalist should also adjust the directions according to what the interviewers say to get the core. Interviewing is something like a judge holds a court trail. After two hours’ lecture, students still had a lot of questions and they asked Liu. Liu then shared some skills and tips to students. Finally, there was a student asking a question about journalism ideal. Liu answered with a smile, “Although sometimes the reports could not reflect what you think at the beginning, we as journalists should also the ideal.”

The vice dean professor Su Junbing and the deputy Party secretary Huang Hui in the school of journalism and communication also attended the lecture. Besides, this lecture was broadcast live on Yingke Application. All the students who participated in the lecture said that they really learned a lot in the lecture and they hoped that Liu could come to our university again.