The wind and rain couldn’t hinder us


·         ——The college of journalism and communication resisted the 14th typhoon

At 3 am, On September 15, the Mid-Autumn festival, the 14th typhoon of this year landed in Xiang An of Xiamen , whose central maximum wind was 48 meters per second. This typhoon caused serious damage to many places of Fujian province including Xiamen and Xiamen University. Facing with the relentless typhoon, teachers students and the staff who came from the college of journalism and communication united as one to prevent against it in order to protect their homes.

The college of journalism and communication attached great importance to it and started the typhoon emergency plan before the typhoon landed. Zheng Shudong , the secretary of the college party committee chaired a emergency meeting about defending the 14th typhoon. The meeting conveyed the spirit that everyone must focus on it and couldn’t be out of jobs. He also emphasized that the organizational structure had to be clear and measures should be useful .In the end, they formed the direction of preventing the worst typhoon disasters and made specific deployment.

After the meeting, with the guide of the two deputy secretary of the college party committee , the instructors and the student cadres went to dormitories to count the number of students and reformed the hidden problems. They also confirmed students who had left school for all kinds of reasons and supervised the students to go back to dormitories early before 7 p.m. or inform the peace. The college administrative organization carried out the inspection about classroomsoffices and labs to ensure the safety of the doors windowswater electricity and the equipment. They reinforced the glass door and carried out the manned patrol 24 hours a day.

The school staff sticked to their posts regardless of the loss of their families. They guided students to defend this typhoon scientifically in dormitories and released some scientific knowledge in WeChat and QQ group to help students to overcome the fear and face challenges bravely. Students also shared experience and knowledge of defending the typhoon by the Internet. In the wind and rain, the teachers and students passed the unity, optimistic and humor.

The beautiful campus was hit heavily after the typhoon so it was difficult to be recovered. The relevant organization issued the call that the wind and rain couldnt hinder us from protecting our home and advocated the teachers and students to united and restore the beautiful campus with our power. The team was formed in just a few hours and there were about 90 members including undergraduatesmastersdoctors and exchange students. On the 17th morning, the team cleaned many roads and offices. The environment was improved obviously after two hours of hard fighting.

The rare super typhoon was not only a rare disaster but also a severe test. The college has withstood the test from the strongest typhoon in the region of min nan since 1949 under the joint efforts of teachers and students.