Overseas Education College celebrates its 60th birthday


On April 7, about 600 people, inducing teachers and schoolfellows from America, England, Netherland, Poland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia, Macao, Hong Kong, and Taiwan gathered at the college to celebrate the 60th birthday of Overseas Education College of Xiamen University.

About the college: Founded in 1956, Overseas Education College is an institution of higher learning in Xiamen University that specializes in overseas education and is also one of the oldest institutions in China offering teaching programs for overseas students. It is one of the four national Southeast-Asia-oriented Chinese teaching bases in China and one of the key institutions designated by the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs of the State Council to support China’s neighboring countries in teaching Chinese.
Since its establishment, Overseas Education College has enrolled more than 20,000 overseas correspondence students and over 10,000 overseas students from more than 90 countries and regions. Therefore, Overseas Education College has been praised for "imparting knowledge all over the world and thus gaining a good reputation throughout the five continents".