Xiamen University mobile post-doctoral research station - Journalism and communication mobile post-doctoral research station.

          Introduction of the station
           established in 2012, Journalism and communication mobile post-doctoral research station belongs to School of Journalism and communication in xiamen university which has long history. As early as in 1922, Xiamen University had its early news education, and created the history that Chinese run news education by their own. In 1983, we set up the Department of Journalism and communication by using the tittle of “communication”. In 2007, the school of Journalism and communication’s establishment marked that Xiamen University’s news education had entered a rapid development period. Over the past 20 years, the school of Journalism and communication has formed its own characteristics in the field of advertising, brand, Chinese communication,Taiwan Southeast Asia media research . Graduates from this school are working in the marketing or the promotion department of national party, enterprises, institutions, medias and famous advertising companies. 
          School of Journalism and communication have strong Teaching and Research Foundation, and a well-structured, high-level teaching staff. Covering the three second-grade subject doctoral degree and master’s degree in journalism,communication and advertisement , now the college has the right to award a first-grade journalist and communication subject doctoral degree, of which the advertising is the provincial key subject. The college has three departments (the Department of journalism, advertising, and communication), two institutes (Institute of communication research, brand and Advertising Research institute), two centers (cross - strait media research center,the media of Communication Strategy Research Center), and two academic journals(The sponsor of Journal of Advertising, editor of modern advertising ). having the experimental center of provincial news teaching, The college provide favorable conditions for the teaching and scientific research.The college has 48 full-time teachers, including 10 doctoral supervisors, 36 teachers with a doctoral degree, 2 talents of the Ministry of education in the new century , 2 chair Professors of Xiamen University, and 1famous teacher in Fujian province.
College of Journalism and communication pays great attention to scientific research and academic exchanges. In the past five years,the college had been awarded 9 times for provincial social science outstanding achievement, published 30 academic monographs, and published more than 380 papers in domestic and foreign academic journals, of which 19 papers had been cited by SSCI, EI, ISTP, etc. In the past three years, the fund of scientific research is about 6400000 totally, of which the fund of longitudinal research is 2390000. These ensure that the 30 items of  national and provincial level major, key and general scientific research projects , and 28 items of the horizontal scientific research projects of various types. The college's academic exchanges are very active. The college establishes a close academic ties with domestic and foreign universities and research institutions, and holds international, national and cross-straits influential academic school debates several times. There are many domestic and foreign well-known experts been invited to give lectures here each year.
          Tthe excellent teachers, high quality students, and good academic environment provide favorable conditions for the further development of the school of Journalism and communication . At present, the school of Journalism and communication is improving the academic level of various subjects. We warmly welcome domestic and foreign outstanding doctoral graduates who are interested in doing such research to the post-doctoral research station.

          The research direction and main tutors

  • journalism

          Research direction:

  • Study on the relationship between media

  • Study of Taiwan media

  • Radio and Television Studies

           the main research work: Media relations theory and Practice, the development of media and media ethics, Strategic research on the national publicity and extraterritorial dissemination of Chinese culture. Taiwan journalism history, Taiwan news theory, Taiwan news system, the cross-strait news exchanges research, The one country two systems theory, aesthetic dissemination of Radio and television films (program) . Research on economics and management of TV management broadcast, and the history of radio and TV movies.

          The main doctoral tutor:Zhao Zhengxiang, Yan Lifeng, Yue Miao

  • communication

          Research direction:

  • Communication and development of society

  • Study on the strategic communication of China

          The main research work: explore the positive role of the mass media can play in the process of social development, try to enrich and develope the theory of communication using Chinese special communicate environment. Concerned about the major realistic problems of China in social development, including education, science and technology, culture, health, sports and other various industries and moral construction, social equality, social justice, regional balance, environmental protection, national image,etc.
          On the basis of studing the American emerging new subject communication strategic, we combine the theory and case of Chinese history and reality, use the theoretical framework of China traditional philosophy methodology doctrine, and set up three branches including the strategic positioning, strategic communication, and dissemination of integrated communication strategic control. doing research in the decelopment of history, the theory and the case of each branch, and put all these into the strategic communication theory which has China characteristics.

          The main doctoral tutor:Cheng Yanru, Huang Xingmin

  • Advertising

          Research direction:

  • brands and advertising

  • Cross cultural advertising and The study of consumer behavior

  • Advertising research

          The main research work: brand equity, brand extension, brand evaluation, brand planning, brand effect, media advertising effectiveness measurement, the brand construction and advertising, brand and new media, advertising economic and social value, Chinese characteristic advertisement theory; Sino-US readers’ transposition interpretation on TV advertising, Cross cultural study of consumer behavior,Study on brand tattoo,Chinese tobacco, marriage, and funeral consumer research; the history, present and future of China advertising theory research, Chinese traditional culture elements and brand, advertising and brand internationalization, advertising communication and cultural creative industry research, advertising and national soft power research, Chinese advertising education development research.

          The main doctoral tutor:Huang Heshui, Ling Shengdong, Chen Peiai